BASE₂BIO has active and past collaborations with organizations including the USDA Agricultural Research Service, the University of Georgia, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, and Cornell University. Collected here are selected testimonials from past collaborators.

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BASE₂BIO developed new bioinformatics tools to the tasks at hand and tailored publicly available tools to our specific needs. The developed workflows allowed for fast and accurate analyses of huge amount of sequencing information from RNA viruses. The bioinformatics approaches developed by BASE₂BIO were sensitive enough to identify multiple pathogens in a single specimen, multiple genotype/serotypes of a single pathogen, and also pathogens in clinical samples and FTA cards without the need of pathogen culturing and concentration.

I highly recommend BASE₂BIO to anyone that needs bioinformatics consulting and support for next-generation sequencing. BASE₂BIO spent the necessary time to fully understand our needs and projects in order to serve us best. The company has provided quality service meeting the highest standards in research and diagnostics, providing tools that generate clean and validated data.

Dr. Kiril Dimitrov, DVM, PhD

Current position: Section Head, Virology and Molecular Diagnostics, Texas A&M University

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BASE₂BIO has helped over the years to automate the data analysis from a MiSeq NextGen sequencing platform, which undoubtedly helped to minimize the manual handling of sequencing data and increase the accuracy of results. They have also helped in designing new tools as solutions to the problems arising during nanopore sequence data processing for an improved Newcastle disease virus diagnostic.

Dr. Salman Latif Butt, DVM, MS, PhD

Current position: Assistant Professor, University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan

BASE₂BIO was so easy to work with. They were able to adjust the analysis to meet the needs of our experiment. I highly recommend working with them.