Next-Generation Expertise

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Animal Health Diagnostics

Effective and responsive animal health care, from pet to flock to herd, is bolstered by a thorough and rapid understanding of the microbial populations involved. Rapid advances in sequencing technologies, combined with falling costs, offer the possibility of deep and comprehensive insights into animal health based on untargeted sequence profiling. However, these technologies are not yet being utilized to their full potential in the diagnostic setting.

Genome Sequencing

Sequencing technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and along with each advance come challenges unique to the data that is generated. Today’s sequencing platforms are capable of generating incredible volumes of raw data in a short time, and investigators are faced with the task of extracting as much useful information from their data as possible.

Quantitative Proteomics

Next-generation sequencing in the post-genomic world has undergone near-continuous advances in power and cost-effectiveness, making it an increasingly common tool in the researcher’s toolbox. However, changes in cellular signaling and other molecular interactions often taken place at the protein level and cannot be detected by genomic or transcriptomic studies.

Workflow Development

The analysis of the large datasets generated by many of today’s molecular technologies is often beyond the scope of what a single investigator can accomplish by hand. The software algorithms and tools may exist to perform the analysis you want, but not at the scale you need.

Expression Analysis

Deep measurement of gene and transcript abundance, often termed RNA-Seq, along with differential analysis of treatment conditions, has become a common and increasingly affordable tool in the genomics toolbox.