Genome Sequencing

Sequencing technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and along with each advance come challenges unique to the data that is generated. Today’s sequencing platforms are capable of generating incredible volumes of raw data in a short time, and investigators are faced with the task of extracting as much useful information from their data as possible.

BASE₂BIO can help.

We have extensive experience in microbial genome assembly using Illumina, Oxford Nanopore, PacBio and Ion Torrent platforms along with cutting-edge software. Our internal pipelines for genome assembly combine reproducible workflows with manual finishing and validation. This hands-on approach means the final product is a high-quality validated and sanity-checked assembly and not just a “contig dump”. We can help you look at and analyze your data from multiple angles. We have experience in all stages of sequencing, including:

  • Assembly (de novo and reference)
  • Finishing (identifying coverage gaps and designing primer sets for closure)
  • Automated and manual annotation
  • Managing submission of data and assemblies to public repositories

Whether you are working on a comparative genomics population study or trying to identify novel viruses with a metagenomics approach, we can help you dig through your data to get at the information you want. If you would like to know more about our existing pipelines, including a demonstration of the workflow reports, please fill out the contact form below.