Expression Analysis

Deep measurement of gene and transcript abundance, often termed RNA-Seq, along with differential analysis of treatment conditions, has become a common and increasingly affordable tool in the genomics toolbox.

Plenty of user-friendly software exists for analyzing data from common RNA-Seq experimental setups, and common software tools have been designed to perform the most computationally expensive steps on commodity hardware. On the other hand, BASE₂BIO can assist with analysis of RNA-Seq data and free up your time for other work. Team members at BASE₂BIO have experience in designing, executing, and analyzing RNA-Seq experiments, and some of their co-authored research has been published in the highest-profile science journals (see our publications page for examples). We can offer advantages over doing your own RNA-Seq data analysis in a number of scenarios, including:

  • large datasets that exceed your computational resources (our cloud-based pipelines can handle datasets of virtually any size)

  • complex analysis of differential expression (multifactor design, confounding factors, differential splicing analysis)

  • Built-in reproducibility (our pipeline reports come with auto-generated details of methodology to make manuscript preparation and publishing easier)

If you would like to know more about how we can help with your RNA-Seq execution and analysis, please fill out the contact form below.