Workflow Development

The analysis of the large datasets generated by many of today’s molecular technologies is often beyond the scope of what a single investigator can accomplish by hand. The software algorithms and tools may exist to perform the analysis you want, but not at the scale you need.

In addition, the tenets of reproducible data analysis have become standard expectations in many areas of publishing, and the ability to include version-controlled analysis workflows as part of manuscript preparation will help to solidify your scientific contributions and improve your chances of publication.

BASE₂BIO can help.

We provide authoring services for workflows on the Galaxy and Nextflow platforms. We will discuss your data analysis needs, develop a pipeline to reproducibly perform the analysis, and provide assistance with setting up the surrounding environment, including the utilization of containerized execution environments and cloud-based computing resources. Our experience both at the keyboard and at the bench gives us the ability to understand your problem and to help you find the right tools for the job. We can get you answers quickly and free your time up for more productive uses.

We can also execute your pipelines on our own scalable cloud-based run environment used for our own in-house data analysis pipelines and products. By utilizing task-specific resource allocation, we minimize computing costs while facilitating workflow steps with all but the most extreme computational requirements.

If you would like to know more about our workflow development services, including information on pricing of authoring and execution, please fill out the contact form below.