Animal Health Diagnostics

Effective and responsive animal health care, from pet to flock to herd, is bolstered by a thorough and rapid understanding of the microbial populations involved. Rapid advances in sequencing technologies, combined with falling costs, offer the possibility of deep and comprehensive insights into animal health based on untargeted sequence profiling. However, these technologies are not yet being utilized to their full potential in the diagnostic setting.

untargeted pipeline report

BASE₂BIO is actively developing standardized pipelines for the application of next-generation sequencing to animal diagnostics. Built on top of our scalable cloud-based pipeline execution environment, our discovery workflows and reports utilize a “semi-targeted” approach. Using data from random short-read sequencing, an untargeted profile of the microbial population is characterized, summarized and reported. In addition, host-specific modules trigger targeted analyses of taxa known to be agents of interest in the host. These targeted assays, including phylogenomic characterization and variant analysis, utilize manually curated, taxon-specific databases to improve accuracy and ease of interpretation in the resulting reports.

Our semi-targeted pipelines are:

  • Rapid — as little as two hours from data upload to reporting

  • Detailed — profile known pathogens, uncover unknown or unexpected agents

  • Tiered — results are reported at multiple levels, from an executive summary of agents of potential interest to the raw results

  • Host-specific — manually curated databases of host-specific agents help to isolate the signal from the noise

  • Cost-effective — automated pipelines cost a fraction of the per-sample price of manual data analysis

We are currently involved in ongoing trials and federally-funded research into the application of our technologies to poultry and swine diagnostics. We are also actively seeking new collaborators and customers interested in the application of this technology to their field or business. Free trials can be provided on a case-by-case basis for customers with existing datasets, subject to a quality-control evaluation, and discount pricing for high-volume contracts is available.

If you would like to know more about our existing pipelines for animal health diagnostics, including a demonstration of the workflow reports, please fill out the contact form below.